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This website is for the Miller and Feterl families. When Glenn Charles Miller and Mildred Elizabeth Feterl married, they connected four families – Miller, Brereton, Feterl, and Glass.

Stephen Miller was born in Wisconsin and went to Turner County, South Dakota to homesteaded. Lyman Webster and his wife, Sarah Nutt Brown of New Hampshire, homesteaded in Turner County, South Dakota in the 1880s. Their daughter, Ivanilla, married Stephen Miller in Parker, Turner County, South Dakota in 1887.

William Brereton married Minnie Boynton in Wilton Center, Will County, Illinois in 1886. They moved to Calhoun County, Iowa. Their daughter, Edna, married Harry Miller, son of Stephen Miller and Ivanilla Webster. Glenn was the son of Harry and Edna.

George Feterl and Elizabeth Sell-Werner were German immigrants who met and married in Iowa. Shortly after their marriage in 1882, they moved to McCook County, South Dakota where they homesteaded.

John Glass and Mary Auth were originally from LaSalle County, Illinois. They lived in Carroll County, Iowa for a few years and then moved to Salem about 1902. Their daughter, Louise , married Frank Feterl, oldest son of George Feterl and Elizabeth Sell-Werner. Mildred was the daughter of Frank and Louise. Information on many collateral families is included on the website. Some of those names are: Miller line: Brown, Hackney, Mooers, Mosier, Nutt, and Webster; Feterl line: Auth, Balk, Federl, Hoffman, Honrath, Huls, Kellner, Krell, Leitheiser, Motz, Schoeberl, and Stiefvater.

The information included here is the result of more forty years of research. The research is not finished, I continue to work on all four families. If you have additional information to contribute, please click on the Contact us envelope below.

The information is not public. In order to see the it, you need to register. To be approved as a registered user, you must have a connection to one of the families.

I hope you enjoy the journey into your family's past!

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